Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anna Grace - First Birthday Banners

Baby Anna Grace's mother Michelle recruited June Cat Cards to create custom banners for her first birthday back in February. She planned beautiful and clever 'Winter One-derland' theme for her party, with white, pink, light blue, and silver making up the color palette.

Michelle wanted the banner to be made up of snowflakes and it turned out just gorgeous! Here are a few photos of the process + the finished products:

What a way to celebrate her daughter's first birthday!

She has since shared with me that she has tucked the banners away in a keepsake box for Anna Grace to have when she is older. So thoughtful! I love it when I find other ladies just as sentimental as I am!

Thanks so much for letting me be included in Anna Grace's special milestone, Michelle!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Jessica's Book Club Invitations

Jessica had the NOVEL idea to start a local book club - that meets at a local bookstore! What's just as exciting, is that she chose my local small business to create handmade invitations to send to all the readers! She described an autumn-themed color palette with geometric shapes and hints of water color for her design.

Here's what I came up with:

I fell in love with these before I even finished the first one! Each invitation was watercolored by hand with soft grey strokes; then, the text was hand punched and adhered along with hand-cut itty bitty triangles. I love the combination of soft watercolor lines and the edgy feel of the triangles - and of course I love anything with that gorgeous gold glitter.

Bravo, Jessica, for encouraging us to remember to READ, and supporting local business! Thank you so much! How could anyone refuse to attend after getting that in the mail?

Do you have a fun, unique need for invitations or other paper goods? June Cat knows how to help! :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Custom Mason Jar Tags for Becky

June Cat Cards was a vendor at a local Garden Party & Art Festival over the weekend and it was such a beautiful setting! One of my favorite events of the past year so far.

While there, a customer inquired about the mason jar tags for sale and if they could be customized. (Of course they can!) We talked about the details of her sister's wedding and came up with these sweet customized tags for her reception!

Custom orders are so much fun - what bride could resist smiling when she saw these? Thanks, Becky!

Mason Jar Tags can be customized to fit color palettes of your choice and include various sentiments, like: congrats, thank you, hello, happy birthday, and even personalized with names! Each tag is hand-stamped, cut, colored, and stamped some more. Adorned with coordinating baker's twine.


Kate's Thank You Notes - and Book!

It's time for Throwback Thursday, June Cat Style! Every few Thursdays, I'll feature a custom order here from the past that's never been blogged about before!

The first Throwback Thursday spotlight is actually quite recent - within the last month - and is a very exciting one for all parties involved!

This was a set of 45 thank you notes with a vintage literary theme, for local bookshop owner and newly published author, Kate Glen!

The June Cat Stamp of Approval:

Kate is the author of an upcoming trilogy of books, the first of which is The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway, due out this Autumn.

To read more about the novel, visit here.
To learn more about Kate and Patty's local bookstore, The Two Sisters, visit here. It's terrific! And - they sell June Cat Cards!

Congratulations, Kate!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Custom Unicorn Birthday Card for Mary

Mary ordered the *sweetest* custom card for her niece!

She described her niece Rylin, who is turning 5, as loving all things girly, princesses, and purple. If you know me, you know I have no trouble working with purple! Here's how it turned out:

I got so nostalgic while working on this card! It is a combination of watercolor, stamping, coloring/blending, and embellishing with glitter and sequins.

Thanks so much, Mary - I hope Rylin has a very happy birthday!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Abby's Mason Jar Tags

Abby had previously purchased some mason jar gift tags at the local Oktoberfest - and when she found her stash running low, she decided to order a fun assortment of tags for upcoming birthdays!

I just love the fireflies with the pretty silver trim! Do you have a favorite?

Mason jar tags are so fun for birthdays, holidays, and even weddings or other party favors! They can be customized to include any colors on your wish list, and there is an assortment of phrases and images to choose from. Abby, I'm so glad you love the classy little mason jars as much as I do! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pink & Gold First Birthday

Carissa ordered some paper goodies in the gorgeous color palette of gold and blush pink to celebrate her daughter's first birthday. She came to me with this super sweet idea: notecards of wishes for baby's future! One for each guest to fill out. The look so beautiful with their fancy gold-glittered heart on top! 

Carissa also plans to arrange nice favors for each guest to take home with them, and wanted some pretty tags to attach to each one. I love the delicate gold sentiment and soft cotton bakers twine! What fortunate guests. :)

Finally, a sign to adorn each table. Aren't these hand-cut balloons so fun?

And one look at the whole spread:

That is one beautifully planned first birthday! Thank you so much, Carissa, for choosing June Cat. This was so much fun! And to the rest of you reading, thank you for stopping by! I am so happy to do custom orders for special days - especially milestones like a first birthday!